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This equipment can not only be used to produce TPR granules, PVC cable granules, PVC transparent granules, the extrusion host can also produce plastic pipes, plastic profiles, plastic sheets and some polyolefin plastic products, wide applicability. Adopts double cone type, variable pitch optimization design, frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic constant temperature, is the new technology product in the current extruder, it will get the best economic benefit for you with the lowest investment.

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SJSZ series conical double screw plastic granulator is a kind of special equipment for PVC powder extrusion into granules.

It has the advantages of small shear rate, material is not easy to decompose, uniform plasticizing mixture, high yield, good quality, long service life, etc.

The drum is heated by cast aluminum heating ring and cooled by special air cooling system.
The barrel heating adopts automatic temperature control.

The screw core adopts water circulation cooling, the motor is AC motor or DC motor;

Equip with granulating head, granulating and cutting device, water circulation cooling system and airconveying device.


1. Low energy input: with a lower melting temperature

2. Extremely uniform mixing, no shear burr, the same treatment of polymer matrix.

3. High self wiping, no dead corner.

4. Disperse the mix without destroying the delicate fillers.

5. High volume load of fillers and additives.

6. Effective mixing of liquid components.

7. Widely used in compound interest without changing hardware.

8. Open the axial split drum to ensure easy cleaning and quick maintenance.

9. Replacement parts, such as screws, barrel liners and pins can be changed separately

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